Recurring Miscarriages

There are couples who achieve spontaneous pregnancies, but these miscarry in the first trimester of pregnancy. When the recurring miscarriages surpass three, this is considered a condition of recurring miscarriages. In these cases, a series of tests is conducted, and when they are all normal, the condition is defined as a condition of unexplained recurring miscarriages.

Because we have found in our studies a link between defects in sperm cell structure and first trimester miscarriages, we suggest to couples suffering from unexplained recurring miscarriages examining whether there is a problem in the delicate morphology of the sperm cells by means of diagnosing the sperm under a high – magnification microscope. If a morphological problem is detected, we will suggest conducting IVF with sorting of the morphologically normal sperm cells on the date of ovarian aspiration in order to achieve a viable fetus.

In addition, we have discovered that there are bacterial infections in the male reproductive system that can cause damage to the genetic material located in the sperm cell head and thus lead to miscarriage. Therefore, we will also recommend a sperm culture in cases of recurring miscarriages.

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